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female orgasm 11 Female Orgasm EnhancementIt is said that the female orgasm is the high point of a good bout of sexual intercourse. Rumor has it that if you can make your woman orgasm she will be your faithful mate for life. Many men forget that women are able to have more than one orgasm, this is called multiple orgasms. The penis, or vaginal intercourse alone will often result in either only one , or a half reached orgasm. Traditional intercourse in ineffective for many women as a way to reach climax or orgasm. Taking the time to make sure that she is aroused and giving her the stimulation needed to reach orgasm shows that you are concerned with her satisfaction, and not just your own. While you may be tempted to just get to work, communication between both partners is important to helping her achieve an orgasm.

Sexual intercourse is the last base for good reason. It’s much like preheating the oven before baking a cake. Stimulation and foreplay are very important to the female oregasm. Not only does foreplay prepare your woman’s body for sex, it also stimulates her mind, her sense of passion and romance. In order to fully satisfy a woman you must engage not only her body but her mind as well. Good foreplay is essentially your “free pass” to guaranteeing she will achieve an orgasm.

Some women no matter what you do have difficulty reaching orgasm. This is becoming more and more common place in women of all ages.

female orgasm 42 Female Orgasm EnhancementMedical studies are paying a lot of attention to female sexual dysfunction because it is an important topic in the medical world. Female sexual dysfunction also know as female sexual arousal disorder included the inability to reach orgasm with a partner or the lack of libido to want to have sex with their partner. The lack of a sexual urge is the key feature of this problem. This can make a woman miserable when attempting to achieve intimacy and passion for her partner, and often can cause problems within the relationship.

Millions of women have been diagnosed with female sexual dysfunction over the years. According to the Medical Association of America the estimated number of women who suffer from female sexual arousal disorder is around 40 milllion in the U.S. alone. It’s quite telling that there are that many women in just one country that have this problem. It is mind boggling to think of how many other women around the world who are suffering from this dysfunction and may not even be aware of it.

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Knowledge of this problem and the search for a solution is important to women everywhere. Scientists claim that a simple supplement or medication is not the answer, as it is with many men who suffer from sexual dysfunction. Because the cause in women is more complex. Men often face age induced libido problems or erectile problems while women have several different factors that can lead to female sexual dysfunction.

The female sexual enhancement industry is searching for a solution to this fast growing problem that plagues women the world over. Medical science has stated there is no “cure all” supplement for women but the female enhancement industry has found some small successes.

Why have scientists thrown up their hands saying that it is impossible to fix this problem with a supplement? It may be because the research has shown that female sexual dysfunction is much more than a physical problem and often goes much deeper and affects many facets of a woman’s relationship. Many factors can cause female sexual dysfunction. The three main groups of factors include physiological, psychological and behavioral. Psychological issues may stem from weight gain, infetion or disease, pregnancy and even breastfeeding. Also depression, past sexual trauma, or other mental issues. Behavioral issues can be caused by the use of drugs or alcohol, issues in the relationship and even diet.

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Despite these factors the female enhancement industry has produced several supplements that may help in working through female sexual dysfunction. One product that is on the market today is the female orgasm enhancement supplement. This is one of the most popular products to help with female sexual dysfunction. Many women count on these pills to help them have a good sex life. These pills are available in two formulas. Once is synthetic and the other is all natural herbs.

Synthetic female orgasm enhancement supplements can only be obtained by a doctor’s prescription. The risk of these pills is that some of the chemicals contained in them can have adverse side effects. Some pills actually have the reverse effect and make the problem worse. The herbal pills are all natural, with no side effect and not risk of opposite effects. The herbs in these supplements are not chemically altered. There are still two types of herbal pills to choose from. The first kind contains mostly filler and may cause a woman to become aroused but often won’t completely fight the problem. The second kind is quite rare, and genuinely enhances the female orgasm. The herbs and vitamins not only increase your sexual energy, and help you achieve orgasm, it also contributes to your overall health.

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You could also use a female orgasm enhancement cream, with or without the pills. These creams increase the blood flow and lubrication in the vaginal area to help you achieve sexual climax. This cream can often help women who have had problems achieving climax to have multiple orgasms, improving their sex lives tremendously. Many of these supplements and creams are completely natural herbal and organic so women don’t have to worry about side effects or addiction.

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